Become A Sales & CSR Agent

Do You Have A Phone……..?

Do You Want To Put It To Good Use……..?


$50 – $5000 per sale you close over the phone plus an base hourly sound like Good Use……..?





Join the The Graham Services Inc Sales & CSR Team and Enjoy A Great Income and a Great Experience!

Why should you join our team?  Why not?  Our offices perform most of the paperwork included with this position and all you have to do is answer the phone follow a script and close the sale and get paid.  Why not read the benefits below and see for yourself why joining our team is the right choice.

Some of the added benefits you have by joining our team include:

  • Guaranteed Pay of 17% on all sales over $5000
  • Guaranteed Pay of 15% on all sales under $5000
  • Continual  sales leads
  • 24/7 support
  • Advertising
  • Strategical Marketing Team
  • Electronic easy to use process, crsm`s and systems
  • customer Database
  • Full time office support

YOU  are responsible for:

  • outgoing and incoming sales related Phone calls & Closing leads on our current  specials, campaigns and packages
  • Following Csr and Sales Procedures & Protocols
  • Data entry
  • lead generation responding to clients in a professional and timely manner


Sales & Csr Agent Application

    I Agree To The Independent Csr & Sales Agent Terms & Conditions: Independent Csr & Sales Agent Agreement General Terms and Conditions. The Independent Sales Agent agrees to the following: To maintain the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and business ethics in transactions with GS INC. consumers, Graham Services INC., Employees and other independent sales agents. To meet revenue quotas set forth in place daily and weekly. You also agree to meet head offices minimum quota level of 10 packages sold or agreements sign per month year round on top of any current or promotion, campaign or quota in place. To represent “Graham Services INC.” products in a truthful and sincere manner, while holding the company harmless from damages resulting from misrepresentations by me. To obtain the company’s permission to utilize any trademarks and/or trade names prior to using in any form of advertisement. This utilization is not limited to the Internet or any company published material. I understand that any display for the intent of a direct to the public sale in a retail or service location of any kind is inconsistent with the terms of this agreement. However, the display in a retail or service location is allowable if it directs customers to the web site and or project manager, Graham Services INC.where all sales must take place. I understand that all materials discussion, appoinments, clients information and company information is not to be shared with other persons unless they are a Graham Services INC. or graham services inc employee. To assume sole liability for all self-employment, Social Security, income taxes, and other reports required by my activities as an Independent Sales Agent and abide by all federal, state and local laws governing The Graham Services INC., and Graham Services Inc business. All orders submitted to the company shall be via the Internet. I understand that all orders are subject to acceptance by the company and the terms of this agreement. I am not a joint venture with, or Franchisee, partner, agent or employee of the company. I have no power or authority to incur any debt, obligation or liability on behalf of the company. I understand that all Independent Sales Agents are independent contractors and are subject to this provision. Any perspective “Graham Services INC.” Independent Sales Agent recruited by myself will be 18 years or older and will receive educational materials related to the “Graham Services” business upon submission and acceptance by the company of an Independent Sales Agents agreement. The company may release my personal contact information in response to any customer’s request for an Independent Sales Agent agreement in my area. If this information is not to be released, I agreed to notify the company that I do not want this information released by written notice directed to Graham Services INC. to comply with any changes to the general terms and conditions of the Independent Sales Agent agreement that may be made by the company. “Graham Services INC.(GS INC.) agrees to the following: To pay Independent Agents a set commission rate of 15% for sales under 5000 and 17% on sales over 5000 and on all purchases of (GS INC.) Graham Services INC.products. Sales managers will receive a 2 % overrides on their team members they have recruited, trained and hired. Sales agents will also receive a $15 per hour while at a commercial presentation appoinment. Commissions will be paid out on a weekly to bi-weekly basis depending on contract. Any bonus paid out to any Independent Sales Agents will be based on sales volumes as established by and at the sole discretion of the management at “Reliance Services”. The company may change the suggested products and or services price or commissions at any time. The company will give Independent Sales Agents at least 10 days prior written notice in the event of: a) increase in service prices; and b) changes in commission schedules. Written notice may be given by posting notice on the company website, direct e-mail and/or to the Graham Services INC.Group or any other place determined appropriate by GS INC. Management. There are no geographical territories or limits concerning sales or recruiting within Canada, UK and the United States imposed on independent sales agents. GS INC. reserves the right to give geographical territories or limits concerning sales for limited time periods as business objectives may dictate in the opinion of GS INC. Management. The company reserves no right of control or direction of Independent Sales Agent’s activities, other than the right to question results. To accept Independent Sales Agent’s cancellation of this agreement within 5 days after acceptance of the agreement by the company. Upon return, postage prepaid, of the Independent Sales Agent’s original and unused/undamaged starter kit to the company, the company shall refund to the Independent Sales Agent the retail cost of the starter kit at 90% of the cost of the kit; Starter kit must be shipped postage prepaid to the company accompanied by a “request for return” from the “GS INC.” return department in Ottawa Customer names and addresses furnished by Independent Sales Agents to GS INC. in connection with sales shall remain the sole property of the company and will be used as appropriate to continue doing business, except as may be required by law. This agreement is subject to acceptance by “GS INC.” at its corporate headquarters, through issuance of a notice of acceptance. Such acceptance is conditioned upon receipt of a starter kit by the Independent Sales Agent. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of Canada as to all matters. The parties further agree that if any dispute or controversy arises between them concerning any matter relating to this agreement that any issues of either party may elect to submit for legal jurisdiction shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts Ontario. This agreement is not subject to alteration, modification or change except in writing, signed by an authorized executive or other designated persons of the company and shall not be deemed to be changed, modified or altered by reason of any advice, suggestions, guides or sales aids furnished by the company to the independent sales agent. This agreement shall be effective from the date of acceptance until 12 months after and shall thereafter be automatically renewed each year, for additional terms of one year each, provided that the agreement may be terminated by either party effective immediately for any breach of its provisions or by either party at any time during the initial term or renewal term but not less than 30 days written notice. This is the sole and only agreement between the parties relating to the subject matter herein. Both parties acknowledge that the independent sales agent is not an employee of the company and will not be treated as an employee with respect to this agreement for federal, state or local tax purposes, or otherwise. By signing or e-mailing this agreement back I verify that the information provided is correct. I understand that the general terms and conditions of this independent sales agent agreement and I hereby accept the terms and conditions and certify that I have the legal capacity to enter into this agreement. If e-mailing this agreement I will send a signed hard copy to at the address in this agreement within five (5) business days. I also understand that the terms and conditions may change from time to time and if I do not agree with the changes I have the right to terminate my association with GS INC. and if so cut all ties to customers of GS INC. and me and remove my self from any continual overrides bonuses or commissions. If I choose not to terminate my association Reliance Services, I hereby agree to abide by any changes to the terms and conditions that may be changed in the future. Submit Submit